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The bioclimatic pergola is definitely the most modern and prestigious product among the systems of sun protection and precipitation. The latest generation of pergolas with reinforced movable roof made of aluminum profiles and robust and modern design. Invented and designed to keep your space running smoothly throughout the four seasons. The pergola is powered by an electric motor and a remote control.

Bioclimatic pergolas reduce the overheating of the building and glass surfaces. You have the ability to adjust the passage of the sun rays at different angles up to 140 degrees.

The possibility of using it in the summer and winter is the reason for its frequent selection. It is an excellent choice for restaurants, cafes and similar catering facilities.

It can be used as an alternative in areas where the glass system is not desired.

For mounting bioclimatic vertical awnings, fasteners made of high-strength aluminum are used. There are three types of pergolas: self-supporting (4 pillars), wall-mounted by width (2-pillar), wall-mounted by depth (2-pillar).

Blade width: Max 4m
Projection: 6m
Max snow load of 300kg per m2
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