Flat pergola

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The automated system is designed to allow the transformation of open spaces such as cafes, restaurants, terraces, gardens, etc. Into enclosed spaces. Thanks to different models and a wide range of colors, it transforms outdoor spaces into a maximum functional environment. In one product you get rain and snow protection, and you can always open the PERGOLA and enjoy the open sky. With its modern and clear lines, the pergola systems are enhanced by Aluminum profiles. All aluminum profiles used in the system are manufactured to the highest production standards..

Flat pergola awning rests on one side of the existing building and it has its aluminum columns on the other side. The whole system is adapted and resistant to all types of precipitation. Rain is collected and, through the gutter system in the front rails, flows further into the columns into which the drain is integrated. If desired, it can be converted into a winter garden. We use a three-layer Blackout canvas 850gr m2 resistant to -70 +70 C. Pergola is powered by Somfy turbocharged engines with a 5 year warranty Samsung mountable and LED lighting.

Max width: 16m
Max projection: 10m
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